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With decades of experience, I am highly qualified to help you with fertility treatment, whether the cause is age, ovulation disorders, male factors, or something else entirely. Talk to our clinic to learn more about the best fertility treatment for you.

Fertility Specialists of Western Australia

I have worked in fertility services in Perth for more than two decades. My first practice was based North of the river, and I saw the need for an option for couples in the Southern corridor.

I was privileged to be asked by my colleagues — who established Fertility Specialists of Western Australia, based at Bethesda Hospital in Claremont — to set up a unit South of the river in partnership with them.

We shared the common goal of establishing the highest quality unit, both in terms of customer service and fertility care, with the best laboratory that can be offered.

We have been operational now for more than 10 years and the unit is very successful. We are one of the biggest fertility service providers in the state, while still providing personalised care.

Our success is largely related to the strength of the team working together, with regular group meetings, case reviews, and ongoing education. This ensures that all staff are offering the best options, while still tailoring the care to best suit your specific fertility needs.
I am the medical director for the South unit. With me are several fertility specialist doctors, and together we provide a high quality, full-range service.
Fertility Specialist Perth WA |Dr Chris Nichols
Fertility Specialist Dr Chris Nichols Perth WA

My work as a fertility specialist

Reasons for infertility

Being a specialist in fertility treatment, I have vast experience diagnosing and treating infertility cases. The reasons for infertility can be numerous:

  • Age:
    Age dominates fertility treatment. As a society, we have our children later and later in life, which unfortunately conflicts with our biology. Fertility drops slowly through your 20s, then a little faster in your early 30s, and more rapidly in late 30s. By the 40s, it is difficult to achieve a pregnancy, even with fertility treatment.
  • Tubal disease:
    This was the original indication for IVF. It is becoming more common now, as the incidence of chlamydia in our community rises. Chlamydia is a common — and often silent — cause of damage to tubes.
  • Sperm problems:
    Male factor fertility problems come in many forms. Occasionally we are able to improve sperm quality but, most often, we cannot. ICSI, intracytoplasmic sperm injection, is an efficient technique where a sperm is injected into an egg to fertilise it at IVF.
  • Endometriosis:
    Endometriosis reduces fertility. The effect is variable, and usually small. Treating endometriosis can improve spontaneous fertility.
  • Ovulation disorders: Releasing an egg infrequently or never is usually a relatively easy condition to treat. PCOS, or polycystic ovarian syndrome, is the condition commonly associated with failure to release eggs.
  • Unexplained infertility:
    We are often at a loss to explain why a couple is not achieving a pregnancy. This highlights the fact that while we have an ever greater understanding of fertility, we are a long way from knowing everything. The good news is that IVF has a high success rate for people with unexplained infertility.

When to see a fertility expert?

Fertility treatment

Fertility treatment options will differ based on the underlying cause of infertility. Visit the page on fertility treatment to learn more.

Ovulation induction

We can stimulate the ovary to release an egg. This treatment is usually for women who are not ovulating at all, or ovulating infrequently.

Artificial Insemination or IUI

We transfer washed sperm high into the uterus, most often after stimulating the ovary to ripen two eggs.

IVM or In Vitro Maturation

This is a variation of IVF that reduces the chance of ovarian hyperstimulation, which is particularly important in women with PCOS.

IVF or In Vitro Fertilisation

This is the most powerful, but invasive, fertility treatment. It involves stimulating many eggs, collecting them, fertilising them in the lab, and then placing them in the uterus.

How my experience can help you

With decades of experience, I know which treatment can help you best. Fertility Specialists in Perth is a dedicated team of highly qualified fertility doctors, with the newest laboratory equipment available.

We have worked on countless cases, all with unique symptoms, causes, and issues. Talk to us to learn more about taking your next step in the journey towards parenthood. Together, we can find the best options for your fertility treatment.

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