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I am an experienced gynaecologist at St John of God Murdoch Hospital with over three decades of experience in women’s health. As an obstetrician who was also a rural GP, I have all the skills, experience, and dedicated care required to find the best treatment options for you.

Dr Chris Nichols - Perth Gynaecologist

Gynaecologist Murdoch - practice located at St John of God Murdoch Hospital

I was attracted to the field of obstetrics for the joy of delivering babies. When I started my obstetrics and gynaecology training, I discovered that I enjoy operating and have a natural level of agility in the field of surgical operating. This is something I have honed to a high-level skill with training and experience.
What is more important than being a good surgeon is knowing when to operate — and when not to. I help my patients make the best decisions for how to manage gynaecological conditions — whether by surgery, medical, or conservative measures.
Dr Chris Nichols - Gynaecologist Perth WA
Gynaecologist Perth WA

How to choose your gynaecologist?

Having worked in women’s health for over 30 years, I have treated most conditions and can assist you with your gynaecological needs. My areas of interest and expertise are:
General gynaecology
Sexual problems
Pelvic pain

Family planning and methods of contraception (such as Mirena)

Looking for a female gynaecologist?

I have spent my career caring for women and their needs. On a daily basis, I help women with their health problems and pregnancies, finding the best treatment options.

I have no doubt that a male gynaecologist can be just as understanding, skilled, experienced, and professional as a female one.

Benefits of working with Dr. Chris Nichols

Murdoch gynaecologist - rooms located at St John of God Murdoch Hospital

I have over three decades of experience, including work in rural Australia. That means I have seen almost everything. I am highly skilled in treating women of all ages to maximise their health and wellbeing.

My experience as a general practitioner (GP), together with my experience as a specialist obstetrician and gynaecologist, has provided me with the skills and experience to look after your women’s health needs.

With my skills and experience in gynaecology, obstetrics and fertility I can look after all your reproductive health needs.

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Gynaecologist Perth WA |Dr Chris Nichols

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I have consulting rooms at St John of God Murdoch Hospital and have gynaecology theatre lists at both SJOG Murdoch and South Perth Hospital.
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Dr Chris Nichols Obstetrician - Gynaecologist - Fertility Specialist Perth

Dr Chris Nichols

I deliver babies at SJOG Murdoch Hospital and have gynaecology theatre lists at both Murdoch and South Perth Hospital. With the help of Fertility Specialists of WA, I established the first fertility clinic south of the river, Fertility Specialists South, located in Applecross.
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Ruth McCloskey Practice Nurse

Ruth McCloskey

Practice Nurse
As a practice nurse I have worked at several hospitals and clinics around Perth including SJOG Murdoch Hospital. I enjoy assisting Dr Nichols with minor procedures in the rooms.