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Vaginal hysterectomy: why it should not be forgotten

There are four types of hysterectomy: abdominal, laparoscopic, vaginal and laparoscopically assisted vaginal hysterectomy. My operation of choice is vaginal hysterectomy. Why? Because I believe that this operation is in the best interest of your patient.

It is also the best option for the environment. I hope that this publication will show you that this unfashionable operation is not only the safest method of performing a hysterectomy but will also have your patient back on their feet in the shortest time.

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Dr Chris Nichols Obstetrician - Gynaecologist - Fertility Specialist Perth

Dr Chris Nichols

I deliver babies at SJOG Murdoch Hospital and have gynaecology theatre lists at both Murdoch and South Perth Hospital. With the help of Fertility Specialists of WA, I established the first fertility clinic south of the river, Fertility Specialists South, located in Applecross.
Elaine McCann Practice Midwife

Elaine McCann

Practice Midwife
I have been a midwife for over 30 years and worked with Dr Chris Nichols for more than 20 years, initially on the maternity unit at SJOG Murdoch Hospital where I still work as a clinical midwife part time and more recently as his practice midwife.
Ruth McCloskey Practice Nurse

Margaret Browne

Practice Secretary
I have known and worked as a practice secretary with Dr Chris Nichols for over 20 years at SJOG Murdoch Hospital. It is an enjoyable workplace and our aim is to provide a professional and caring experience for our patients.
Ruth McCloskey Practice Nurse

Ruth McCloskey

Practice Nurse
As a practice nurse I have worked at several hospitals and clinics around Perth including SJOG Murdoch Hospital. I enjoy assisting Dr Nichols with minor procedures in the rooms.