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What is it and should I get it?

Labiaplasty is a surgery that aims to reduce the size of the labia, often for cosmetic reasons. It is rare for there to be medical reasons to perform the operation. I do not recommend this procedure, but I respect your autonomy and will do it if requested.

What is labiaplasty and why is it topical?

The labia minora, the inner folds of skin above the entrance of the vagina, can vary markedly in size and shape. In the same way that breast size can be very diverse, so too can the labia minora. Some women have very small skin folds, while others have quite large ones. Sometimes, the folds can be of different sizes on each side. All sizes of labia minora are normal.

Removing the pubic hair makes the labia minora more visible. Many women worry that their labia are too big, but the only reference that most people have is from graphic images in magazines and on the internet. It is important to know that many of these images have been digitally altered, so they create a false comparison. This has led to many women seeking surgery to reduce the size of the labia.

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Should I have this operation done?

The short answer is no.

There are some situations where labiaplasty surgery should be considered. For example, if there is a marked asymmetry of the labia, it is not unreasonable. Sometimes, the labia can be sufficiently long to cause physical discomfort. They might get caught on underwear, or cause issues during sexual intercourse and when wearing tight clothes. In these rare cases, labiaplasty may be considered.

Most women, however, have been made to worry about something that is not a problem.

Sometimes, just seeking a second opinion and talking to someone who understands the normal variation in the size of labia can be useful. Someone like me, a qualified obstetrician and gynaecologist.

Who should perform this surgery?

As far as operations go, the labiaplasty procedure is a small and straight-forward operation.

When this operation is done for cosmetic reasons, it is often referred to plastic surgeons who perform this simple operation at plastic surgical rates.

While I generally advise against this operation being done at all, I do accept the autonomy of my patients and am happy to do the operation with appropriate counselling. My fee reflects the surgical complexity, which is low. I am not looking for the opportunity to exploit a market.

Overall, there is a general level of dissatisfaction for most people having plastic surgical procedures. An operation like this is done because something feels “not right,” and this sets a standard of outcome that is almost impossible to achieve. We have all heard stories of plastic surgery “junkies”. I want to be sure to support the psychological, as well as the physical, outcomes of your choice for labiaplasty.

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